Alphanumerics: The letters and numbers in a set of characters

From 1″ to 12″ tall, Bernard has alphanumerics for you.  Flexible adhesive-backed or rigid plastic are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Vinyl Letters and Numbers

• Full adhesive backing
• Suitable for fiberglass and metal surfaces
• Gloss vinyl gives the appearance of being painted on
• Indoor/outdoor use; Bernard vinyl alphanumerics typically last 5-7 years
• Economical; great for mailboxes, boats, signs, address plaques, and more
• All models and sizes black or white. Other colors as shown. Custom colors available..

letters-on-truck  boat-numbers-jb

Hard Plastic Alphanumerics

• Hard plastic letters and numbers, approximately 1/8” thick,
with brass brads included, are suitable for wooden boats.
• Bernard plastic letters may also be glued to fiberglass, metal, and other
non-porous surfaces with adhesives available in most marine and hardware stores.
• These well-made letterforms add a handsome and professional appearance to a
variety of applications.

Rigid Alphanumerics

10″ & 12″ Alphanumerics

These large insignia fabric characters are what you see on sailboat sails. They can
be seen from quite a distance. If you need large identification numbers or letters on
trucks, barns, or other large structures, these are ideal for those purposes. Bernard
large size alphanumerics have a self-adhesive back, ideal for placement.