Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16EASY ORDER: 1.800.654.2094 IP-097 BLANK (BLACK) IP-097 BLANK (RED) IP-098 STROBE LIGHT IP-099 VAPOR DETECTOR IP-100 SHIFT IP-101 HIGH IP-102 LOW IP-103 BATTERY PARALLEL IP-104 EMERGENCY (RED) IP-105 ALARM IP-106 ALTERNATOR IP-107 AMP METER IP-108 SLING IP-109 ICEBOX IP-110 SALT WATER IP-111 TACHOMETER IP-112 BATTERY 1 IP-113 BATTERY 2 IP-114 COCKPIT DRAIN IP-115 ENGINE INTAKE IP-116 EXHAUST IP-117 GALLEY SINK DRAIN IP-118 HEAD DISCHARGE IP-119 HEAD INTAKE IP-120 HEAD SINK DRAIN IP-121 ICE BOX DRAIN IP-122 KNOT METER IP-123 OVERBOARD IP-124 SCUPPER IP-125 AUX. TANK IP-126 CROSS OVER IP-127 PORT TANK IP-128 STBD. TANK IP-129 RETURN IP-130 SUPPLY IP-131 FRESH WATER IP-132 ENGINE IP-133 FEED IP-134 FISH TANK IP-135 220 VAC IP-136 TANK 4 IP-137 BATTERY 3 IP-138 RAW WATER WASHDOWN IP-139 FRESH WATER WASHDOWN IP-140 MAIN TANK IP-141 CENTER ENGINE IP-142 STARBOARD ENGINE IP-143 PORT ENGINE IP-144 STARBOARD AUXILIARY IP-145 PORT AUXILIARY IP-146 TRANSOM SHOWER IP-147 LIVE WELL IP-148 GPS IP-149 VHF IP-150 FIRE EXTINGUISHER (RED) IP-151 PLOTTER IP-152 FORWARD HEAD IP-153 AFT HEAD IP-154 120 VAC INLET #1 IP-155 120 VAC INLET #2 IP-156 AIR CONDITIONER IP-999 Black custom message IP-999 Red custom message 6 IP-001 ANCHOR LIGHT IP-002 BILGE PUMP IP-003 BLOWER IP-004 CHOKE IP-005 COMPASS IP-006 DECK LIGHTS IP-007 DEPTH SOUNDER IP-008 FORWARD IP-009 HORN IP-010 LIFE JACKETS (RED) IP-011 LIGHT IP-012 MASTER IP-013 MASTHEAD LIGHT IP-014 NEUTRAL IP-015 OFF IP-016 ON IP-017 PANEL LIGHTS IP-018 RADIO IP-019 REVERSE IP-020 RUNNING LIGHTS IP-021 SEARCH LIGHT IP-022 STARTER IP-023 STERN LIGHT IP-024 THROTTLE IP-025 WATER TEMPERATURE IP-026 WIPER IP-027 6 VOLT IP-028 12 VOLT IP-029 32 VOLT IP-030 110 A.C. IP-031 AERATOR IP-032 AFT IDENTIFICATION PLATES i Identi-Plates™ are the industry standard for switch identification. You can view them on our website: • Durable molded plastic. • White letters and bevel on black background, except as noted. • Plate dimensions are 1/2" x 1-1/2" All IP-series plates can be glued or mounted with screws or brads. Each has two screw/nail holes for #2 fasteners on 1-3/16" centers. IP-999: Plates without holes or with custom messages are available as custom production Red Plate (IP-999) or Custom Black Plate (IP-999). Blank plates are available for your own engraving: Blank Red Plate (IP-097 RED) or Blank Black Plate (IP-097 BLACK). Note: Plates can also be ordered online. IP-033 AUTOMATIC IP-034 BAIT PUMP IP-035 BAITWELL IP-036 BILGE BLOWER IP-037 BOW LIGHT IP-038 CABIN LIGHT IP-039 CHLORINATOR IP-040 CLOSED IP-041 CONTROL IP-042 CONTROLLER IP-043 COURTESY LIGHTS IP-044 DOCKING LIGHTS IP-045 DOME LIGHT IP-046 ELECTRIC TOILET IP-047 ENGINE ROOM IP-048 ENGINE SHUTOFF IP-049 FAN IP-050 FLARES (RED) IP-051 FLOOD LIGHT IP-052 FRESH WATER SYSTEM IP-053 FUEL IP-054 FUEL PUMP IP-055 GAS IP-056 GENERATOR IP-057 HEATER IP-058 HOLDING TANK IP-059 IGNITION IP-060 INSTRUMENT IP-061 LORAN IP-062 MANUAL IP-063 MISC. IP-064 NAVIGATION IP-065 NEGATIVE IP-066 OIL PRESSURE IP-067 OIL TEMP. IP-068 OPEN IP-069 PILOT IP-070 PILOT LIGHT IP-071 PORT IP-072 PORT LIGHT IP-073 POSITIVE IP-074 POWER IP-075 POWER TILT IP-076 POWER WINCH IP-077 RADAR IP-078 RADIO TELEPHONE IP-079 RANGE LIGHTS IP-080 RECORD IP-081 REFRIGERATOR IP-082 SHOWER IP-083 SIREN IP-084 SPREADER LIGHTS IP-085 STARBOARD IP-086 STBD. LIGHT IP-087 SWITCH IP-088 TANK 1 IP-089 TANK 2 IP-090 TANK 3 IP-091 TOWING LIGHTS IP-092 TILT IP-093 TRIM IP-094 WATER PRESSURE IP-095 24 VOLT IP-096 110 D.C.